Alexander Boyko

Tel.: (732)763-5471


Senior software developer or development team leader with an emphasis on Java, C++, Object-Oriented Design and Programming, enterprise programming and use of other advanced technologies.


LANGUAGES: Java, C++, C, SQL, UML, XML, XSL, IDOC, EDI, HTML/DHTML, Javascript, Python, Pascal, Prolog, Lisp
TECHNOLOGIES: OOA/OOP/OOD, ODBC/JDBC, JMS, IBM Websphere MQ (IBM MQ Series), Servlets, Webservices/SOAP, Struts, Jakarta APIs, Actuate Reporting Engine, AWT, JFC (Swing), RMI, SAX/DOM, , JSP, EJB, LDAP, JUnit, COM
DATABASES: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS Access, OpenLDAP, eXcelon XML DB
APPLICATION SERVERS: IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Tomcat, Sun One, Blazix
DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS: IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, SUN JDK, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, IBM WSAD, Borland JBuilder, Visual Cafe, MS Visual J++, IBM Visual Age for Java, MS Visual C++, Watcom C++, PDC Prolog, IBM muLisp
TOOLS: Perforce, MS Sourcesafe, CVS, Changeman, Test Director, MS Visio, MS Project, XML Spy, TOAD, Apache ANT, RUP (Rational), DreamWeaver, Frontpage, Photoshop
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2000/XP/2003, UNIX (Linux, HP UX, AIX, Solaris), Novell Netware 3.x/4.x/5.x, DOS


Odyssey Logistics and Technology, NY (
(formerly Rely Software)
August 2001 - February 2005
Development Manager (September 2003 – February 2005)
Senior Software Developer (August 2001 – September 2003)
Project: Migrated Odyssey accounting system from QuickBooks to MS Great Plains.
Tools and Technologies: JDK 1.3, Great Plains Integration Manager, XML Spy, MS Excel, Saxon
  • Wrote requirements and design documents
  • Developed data mapping between Odyssey accounting data and Great Plains business objects (chart of account, GL transactions, vendors, open payables)
  • Configured Great Plains integration manager for importing Odyssey data
  • Configured and deployed a  new translator, responsible for producing weekly accounting data (open payables) in the format compatible with Great Plains
Project: Responsible for architecture of Odyssey Logistics Platform. Assisted in managing a development team of 20 developers.
Tools and Technologies: MS Project, MS Visio, Perforce, IntelliJ Idea, JUnit, Test Director, RUP
  • Supervised overall system architecture (used frameworks, components, message formats, message flows, documentation, etc)
  • Wrote requirements and design documents
  • Searched for reusable components
  • Made design and code reviews
  • Integrated new components into the system
  • Prepared and ran unit and functional tests
  • Deployed the system to the testing and production environments
Project:Integrated Odyssey Logistics Platform with customers’ SAP systems.
Tools and Technologies:IBM Websphere MQ 5.3, SSL, JMS API, Mendelson Eagle, Saxon XSLT, XML Spy, Jakarta Xerces, JDK 1.3, IntelliJ Idea, Apache ANT
  • Developed Mendelson Eagle descriptor files and XSL style-sheets for converting customer’s IDOC files to the Odyssey XML format
  • Designed and developed several translators for translating different EDI messages to XML
  • Designed and developed file and FTP senders, FTP and SMTP receivers
  • Installed and configured IBM Websphere MQ including configuring secure remote channels between the customer’s and Odyssey hosting facilities
Project: Designed and developed distributed, component-oriented and message-driven architecture of the Odyssey Logistics Platform (OLP). OLP is a set of services communicating with each other by sending asynchronous messages. There are several service types:  pickups, senders, translators, routers and business services. The pickups can receive messages from the outside world through different data channels and protocols (FTP, HTTP, e-mail, Web-services, UPS or FedEx proprietary protocols etc.) The senders can send messages outside the system. The translators convert messages from one format to another. The routers control global message flow. Business services implement system and business tasks, such as processing new shipments, linking statuses with shipments, generating e-mail notifications, preparing UI tables, etc. A service can implement Odyssey service interfaces and run inside the Odyssey service container, or it can be implemented as an EJB and run inside any application server. The internal message channels implementation utilizes JMS API and IBM MQ Series.
Tools and Technologies: JDK 1.3, JMS, IBM MQ Series 5.3, Jakarta APIs, Xerces, Saxon XSLT,  Mendelson Eagle, FedEx API, UPS API, Oracle 8i, MS SQL 2000, Actuate Reporting Server, eXcelon XML DB Server, IntelliJ Idea, Borland JBuilder, XML Spy, MS Visio.
  • Performed architectural design and developed architectural specification of OLP
  • Performed OOA, OOD and developed proof-of-concept prototype of the system
  • Developed core frameworks used in the system including services and messaging framework
  • Designed and developed Odyssey service container
  • Designed and developed the router including configurable engine for executing routing rules
Project: Responsible for Odyssey production environments. Managed a development team of 5 developers, some of which were at an off-shore location.
Tools and Technologies: JDK 1.3, IBM Websphere 4, IBM Websphere MQ 5.3, Actuate Reporting Server, IntelliJ Idea, XML Spy, Test Director, Perforce, MS Project, IIS, SSH Server, Apache ANT
  • Responsible for the configuration of production environments
  • Monitored data received from the customers and service providers
  • Troubleshooted data, user, and software errors
  • Deployed and configured new functionality
  • Integrated new customers into the existing environments, developed and configured new environments
  • Developed new functionality and tuned system settings to improve performance (refactored Odyssey frameworks and services, tuned Oracle DB, Websphere MQ)
  • Migrated production data between different versions of the system
  • Trained and assisted the Odyssey SMC (shipment management center)
Project: Designed and developed a UPS Poller, integrated the Odyssey Logistics Platform (OLP) with the UPS Shipment System. The UPS Poller connects to the UPS application server, receives status messages for some shipments, filters, converts the messages to the Odyssey internal XML format and passes them on to the OLP for processing.
Tools and Technologies: UPS API, JMS API, Saxon XSLT, IBM MQ Series 5.1, JDK 1.2, MS SQL 2000, Borland JBuilder.
  • Performed OOA, OOD and developed technical architecture of the poller
  • Developed XSL style-sheets for converting UPS Status messages to the Odyssey internal message format
  • Implemented parser for status messages capable of checking status content and filtering statuses
  • Utilized UPS API for communicating with the UPS application server
  • Utilized JMS API for communicating with the OLP

Serena Software Inc., CA (
1999 - 2001
Software Developer
Project: Integrated ChangeMan WCM system (see below) with BEA Campaign Manager.
Tools and Technologies:JDK 1.2, EJB 2.0, Inprise JBuilder 4, BEA Weblogic Application Server 6.0, BEA Weblogic Personalization Server 3.5, BEA Weblogic Personalization Server 3.5, BEA Weblogic Commerce Server 3.5, BEA Campaign Manager for Weblogic 1.0, MS SQL, Oracle 8i.
  • Developed content and document managers for BEA Weblogic Personalization Server
  • Developed a set of EJBs for communication with ChangeMan WCM server
Project: Designed and implemented content management system (ChangeMan WCM). Serena ChangeMan WCM, Web Code and Content Manager, (formerly known as ChangeContent) is the integrated web code and content management platform. It provides capabilities such as integrated templating, content contribution from several users and request management, along with versioning and workflow.
Tools and Technologies: JDK 1.1/1.2, Java Applets, Java Servlets, JFC (Swing), Java RMI, JDBC API, Inprise JBuilder 4, MS Visual J++, Webgain Visual Café 4.0, MS SQL 6.0/2000, Oracle 8i, IBM DB2.
  • Performed OOA, OOD and developed technical architecture of the system
  • Implemented foundation classes library for representing templates, content objects, web-sites, etc
  • Developed and implemented publishing functionality that allowed content to be published to the file system (using version control system) or to the database
  • Developed a framework for content contribution
  • Integrated ChangeMan WCM with ChangeMan and ChangeMan ALM (see below)
  • Designed and implemented intuitively understandable JFC and web-based UI
  • Developed optimized database structure
Project: Participated in design and development of the request management system (ChangeMan ALM). Serena ChangeMan ALM (formerly known as eRequestMan) is a large scale Application Lifecycle Manager that provides development teams with a solution for managing software issues, enhancements and problems throughout the application lifecycle. It implements client/server technology and includes a Web-based interface. The system is deeply integrated with the version control system (ChangeMan).
Tools and Technologies:JDK 1.1/1.2, Java Applets API, Java Servlets API, JFC (Swing), Java RMI, JDBC API, MS Visual C++ 6.0, Inprise JBuilder 3/4, MS SQL 6.0/2000, Oracle 8i.
  • Implemented some parts of client and server-side functionality
  • Designed and implemented web-based client and server-side functionality
  • Designed and implemented an API for working with ChangeMan server from applet-based clients
  • Developed optimized database structure
Project: Designed, developed and implemented Impact Analysis subsystem for multiplatform version control system. System included advanced source code parsers for C++, C, Java, HTML and Visual Basic. Every parser was designed as a plug-in for collecting structural information (files, packages, classes, functions, variables, etc.) and storing this information in the database. The utility included a user interface for browsing collected information, building object dependency trees and graphs. It allowed execution of extensive object or file search, and was completely integrated with the version control system ChangeMan DS (formerly known as eChangeMan).
Tools and Technologies:MS Visual C++ 6.0, LEX(FLEX) / YACC(BISON), MFC, Win32 API, ODBC API, MS SQL 6.0/2000, Oracle 8i.
  • Performed OOA, OOD and developed technical architecture of the system
  • Implemented foundation classes library for source code parsing and representing programming language structures
  • Wrote grammar specifications for ANSI C, C++, Java and HTML
  • Implemented source code parsers using standard grammar analyzing technologies (LEX/YACC)
  • Developed optimized database structure using MS SQL, Oracle.
  • Implemented expandable API for adding additional parsers
  • Designed and implemented intuitively understandable GUI
  • Integrated with version control system (ChangeMan DS) on different platforms

Sinapse Ltd.
1998- 1999
System administrator
Project: Administered corporate IT infrastructure.
Tools and Technologies: Windows NT, Novell Netware, Linux, accounting software, Novell NDS, Windows domains, sendmail, named
  • Administered corporate computer network (50 desktops, mail, file and print servers, DNS, user accounts, FTP, Web server)
  • Supported corporate accounting system
  • Installed client hardware/software
  • Developed and supported corporate Web-site

STIV-Infonet Ltd.
1996 - 1998
System administrator and software developer
Project: Software product registration system.
Tools and Technologies: JDK 1.1/1.2, JFC (Swing), JDBC API, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Borland JBuilder 2.0/3.0
  • Developed class library for representing and managing software products
  • Developed optimized database structure using MS SQL
  • Developed GUI for browsing database
  • Implemented extensive search subsystem
Project: Ukrainian Department of Agriculture web site, integrating the site with the investment project tracking system.
Tools and Technologies: Java Script, Java Applets, Novell Netware, Novell GroupWise, Novell ManageWise
  • Developed web site architecture
  • Wrote technical specifications for some parts of the project
  • Performed Web-design for the site
  • Developed local network administration system and document management system, integrated them with the web site

Kiev Taras Shevchenko University;
Ukrainian Specialized Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics

1991 – 1999
Project: Java-compatible compiler for jspl. Based on the interpreter functionality (see below) added ability to use standard Java Virtual Machine for executing programs written in jspl.
Tools and Technologies:Sun JDK 1.2, JFC (Swing), Borland JBuilder 2.0
  • Based on Java binary class format wrote a specification how to encapsulate jspl code inside the java binary class file (.class)
  • Designed and implemented simple API for decompiling and modifying java binaries (.class)
  • Implemented functionality for generating java class file by jspl syntax tree
  • Redesigned the jspl IDE using JFC (Swing)
Project: Interpreter of a simple high-level programming language (jspl – Java Simple Programming Language)
Tools and Technologies:Sun JDK 1.1.2, AWT, Borland JBuilder 1.0, Lexical Analysis API (see below)
  • Wrote the jspl language specification
  • Wrote the jspl binary code specification
  • Designed and implemented syntax analysis framework
  • Implemented functionality for generating jspl executable code by syntax tree
  • Developed and implemented the run-time environment
  • Developed simple debugging API
  • Developed user interface (IDE) using AWT
Project: Participation on a project for emulating air defense automated system control (ASC) at Military Department of the university.
Tools and Technologies: Watcom C++ 10.6/11, Assembler, MS DOS 6.0
  • Performed OOA, OOD and developed technical architecture for several parts of the system
  • Wrote specifications for some parts of the project
  • Implemented engine for the ASC logic emulation
  • Designed and implemented intuitively understandable GUI similar to the real hardware interface
Project: Java port of the standard UNIX grep utility.
Tools and Technologies:Borland JBuilder 1.0, Sun JDK 1.1
  • Developed class hierarchy and framework for working with regular expressions
  • Developed and implemented API for simple lexical analysis
  • Developed functionality for searching the string in text by its mask
Project: Different projects in computer science
Tools and Technologies:JDK 1.1/1.2, Borland JBuilder 1.0/2.0, MS Visual C++ 5.0/6.0, Borland C 3.1, Turbo C 2.0
  • Participated on a project “Parsing languages given by a contextual-free grammar”. Implemented the algorithm for searching unproductive unterminals.
  • Designed and implemented a set of the utilities for working with combinatorics algorithms.
  • Designed and implemented a mathematical system for working with polynomials.
  • Implemented the large number of utilities on numerical methods, artificial intelligence, and computer graphics.


Magistrates on Department of cybernetics at Kiev Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine), diploma with honor. Received Master of Science degree in Computer Science. (1998-1999)

Department of cybernetics at Kiev Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine), baccalaureate, diploma with honor. Received Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. (1994-1998)

Ukrainian Specialized Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics at Kiev Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine). (1991-1994)


Formal languages, theory of compilation and interpretation, system programming, multimedia technologies, Linux.

Reading, music, skiing.